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At MEOW we do things a little differently, our cats come from our charity partner Friends of Felines and from a team of amazing rescuers in the UAE. All of our furry friends in the Cafe are up for adoption via our chosen charity, all adoption checks are done by Friends of Felines to ensure that our cats go to the best forever homes. 

All cats are vaccinated, microchipped, worm treated, flea treated and if of age neutered before they go on to their forever homes. 

Due to how quickly our cats find new homes we arrange adoptions in order of priority, therefore waiting lists for cats will open/close as needed. Please contact us if you would like any further information on any of the cats in our care. 

Our Cats

Why UAE Cats? 

UAE, one of the richest countries in the world right? 

Theres another side to UAE, one that isn't reported much in the UK and few people know about. They are in a cat crisis. Unlike us in the UK cats are not often seen as beloved pets and rather more as objects that have one purpose- to make money. 

Theres a huge pedigree cat market within the UAE where breeders will continually breed a female cat until it is no longer able to. At which point the cat will be simply dumped, often in the streets, outside peoples homes, even in the desert. Left to fend for themselves and die. 

One unneutered cat on the street leads to one thing- Kittens. So soon enough one cat turns to 5, 5 turn to 35, you can see where it leads. 

These cats are seen as pests and are treated as such most abused, kicked, tourtured.. officials who find stray cats will poison, shoot them, or simply relocate them in the desert to die. Due to various social and political issues rescuers are forced to use their own money and resources to help these cats, with vets bills an unimaginable amount. 

There are hundreds of thousands of stray cats on the streets, some once beloved pets, some have never known any different. Injured, sick, dying, spreading diseases. Theres a cat epidemic, and if by now you are not convinced these cats deserve a chance in the UK we urge you to research into the cat epidemic in the UAE. 


Recently there was a cat massacre in the UAE where over 100 cats were found in the desert, some hadn't even been released from their carriers and left to die in the heat, others already dead, some poisoned and some close to death. This is a DAILY occurrence, we feel so passionately that no cat should have to suffer this fate and no matter where a cat comes from, if we can help we will. 


We hope by now we've covered a lot of ground, however if you do have anymore questions about our UAE program please feel free to get in touch or simply ask our staff during your visit.  


Current Guests..

Cats are marked as available / unavailable as required, cats need time to settle into an environment and moving them around too quickly can cause distress. 

Successful Rehomings

Together with the help of Friends of Felines we have been able to find forever homes for over 187 cats since June 2023. 

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