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The MEOW Cat Cafe is the Puuurfect place to chill & unwind! We are the ONLY cat cafe in Essex who actively re-homes our cats!

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Braintree cat cafe

Get to Know Us

Welcome to MEOW Cat Cafe Essex, where coffee and cats come together in a cozy and comfortable environment. Our cafe is a place where you can unwind, relax and enjoy the company of our rescue cats! Whilst of course enjoying great coffee and treating yourself to a variety of locally sourced treats. 

We started MEOW with the goal of providing a unique and enjoyable experience for all types of cat lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike, as well as helping to tackle the rising number of cats who are without homes. We are the ONLY cat cafe in Essex who actively re-homes our cats!

Our feline friends are all adoptable rescue cats who have been given a second chance at life. You can pet them, play with them and adopt them if you fall in love! 

We believe that every cat deserves a loving home, we're committed to working with Friends of Felines animal shelter to make that happen. The cafe is a safe haven for these cats, we ensure that they are healthy, happy, confident and ready to find their new forever homes. 

Whether you're looking to adopt a new furry friend or simply spend some quality time with our cats, MEOW is the purrfect place for you! 

Essex cat cafe


Come Visit Soon!

Monday- 10:35 - 18:10

Tuesday- 11:40 - 19:15

Wednesday- CLOSED

Thursday- 9:30 - 20:35 

Friday- 9:30 - 20:35

Saturday- 9:30 - 18:10 

Sunday- 9:30 - 15:55

Image by Mike Kenneally
Image by Alexander Andrews

You ready to book?

Press the button below to book your date, time and table. Please note to secure your booking a small deposit will be taken upon booking. We look forward to seeing you soon! #Catlovers #CatsCoffeeChill #Halstead #Braintree #Witham #Colchester 

Time spent with Cats is never wasted.

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